Shipping and Delivery

Delivery times can be selected by ordering system and may vary according to places of delivery. Each product is packaged according to local sanitary norms to avoid damages and spoilage due to transportation. All deliveries are done by appropriate vehicles. The customer is required to check expiration dates of products at time of delivery and immediately inform the delivery personnel about any inconsistency. Customer has right to refuse to receive specific items in case of date of usage of these specific product is expired or package damaged. Orders below 150 EUR (1000 HRK in Croatia) are subject to delivery charge – 40 EUR (300 HRK).

Returns and reclamations

In case of merchandise return the customer is obligated to send a justified reclamation to Touch and Lunch by e-mail, phone or a written format in local or English language. Any and all cancellations must be received at least 12 hours prior to agreed time of delivery but with no refund of advanced payment.

Customer has a right to merchandise return in the following cases:

  • shipment of merchandise which was not ordered
  • shipment of merchandise whose shelf life has expired
  • shipment of merchandise which has a defect or was damaged due to transportation

Customer is obligated to inspect the delivered goods for possible damages upon receiving. As well customer should check quantities and presence of all products upon delivery. No any reclamations are accepted after the delivery. All reclamations upon delivery should be done in written form and contain customer personal data and signature. All products unable to be delivered by any reason by Touch and Lunch will be excluded from delivery and cost of such product will be reimbursed to customer.